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Browns Battle for First NFL Draft Pick

In this current NFL season, we’re slowly approaching the time for picks for the 2016 NFL draft. Throughout week 16 of the NFL season so far the Tennessee Titans have retained the number one spot and pick for the draft. The Cleveland Browns have been vying for the top spot lately and are still up in the running. Both the

LeBron James Economic Return & New Scoreboard

Ever since Lebron James returned in 2014 to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the city has been reaping the benefits in many ways. He has returned to his home and arguably became an even bigger legend than he was before and some hope for him to lead his city to an NBA championship. There’s the possibility, but the real news here is

Johnny Manziel to Move up to Starting Quarterback?

There has been a lot of talking surrounding Johnny Manziel in the past couple of months. He was first in the media for a fight with his girlfriend on the side of the road. Manziel was on thin ice with his coach and team at that time. Weeks later he jeopardized his position as the starting quarterback for the Browns,

Will Manziel Get Another Chance with McCown Out For The Season?

Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns was recently moved from starting quarterback to third string after personal information was made available to the public, causing embarrassment for the team. Josh McCown replaced Manziel as the starting quarterback for the team. However, during their game against the Ravens, earlier in the month, McCown suffered a broken collar bone. It was determined

Ohio State Loss to Michigan Means No Hope for A Title?

Sports in general are an extremely popular part of the culture in the United States. Even college sports are broadcasted on national television. Football in particular can be a huge part of the college experience, especially if you attend a school with a great football team. The Big Ten Network features some of the best athletics, mainly from colleges in