Browns Battle for First NFL Draft Pick

Browns Battle for First NFL Draft Pick
Browns Battle for First NFL Draft Pick

In this current NFL season, we’re slowly approaching the time for picks for the 2016 NFL draft. Throughout week 16 of the NFL season so far the Tennessee Titans have retained the number one spot and pick for the draft. The Cleveland Browns have been vying for the top spot lately and are still up in the running.

Both the Titans and Browns have the same record compared to each other at a record of 3-12 between 15 games. The reason that the Titans are currently number one is because of what they call the strength of schedule (SOS) rule. The easier the SOS is then the earlier draft pick for the team. Following this is the division and conference tiebreakers. Now if for some reason the two teams are still tied up then a coin toss will determine which team will be picking first.

If next Sunday the Titans lose the game then they will be at the top of the selection for the 2016 NFL Draft. They loss to Texas with a loss of 28 points, the Tennessee Titans will be traveling over to Indianapolis to face off against the Colts. This team has a chance to make the playoffs. It wouldn’t be wrong to predict that they are going to lose this game and retain the top spot for the 2016 first pick draft for the Titans.

Numbers wise Tennessee’s opponents have a record right now that is standing at 111-114 (.493) versus Cleveland’s opponents that are 119-106 (.529). They both have the same record as stated earlier with a record of 3-12. The question then is if the Browns can someone overtaking these odds and get the first pick. There are a few scenarios on where they may lie in this whole spectrum.


If the Titans win the game against the Colts then there’s the possibility of the Browns getting first pick in the draft if the Browns lose and do not win their next game.

Cleveland Browns have a couple scenarios ahead of them for a pick as well. There is the possibility that they can be 1st pick and the lowest they can go is 4th. If the Browns lose their upcoming game against the Steelers while the Titans beat the Colts then there is another possibility of Cleveland taking the number one spot instead.

Quarterback Pick

During this time it will be seen if Johnny Manziel will have showed enough skill and confidence to choose him during the pick. Many NFL forecasters and analysts believe that the Browns will go ahead a choose a new quarterback from Memphis like Paxton Lynch. Another possibility would be them choosing California’s Jared Goff.

Either way if the Browns get the first or second pick it won’t make much a difference for them in regards to choosing a new quarterback. They stand in line to be one of the first picks in the 2016 NFL season. Next week’s games on Sunday will determine the order of the draft.