Browns Battle for First NFL Draft Pick

In this current NFL season, we’re slowly approaching the time for picks for the 2016 NFL draft. Throughout week 16 of the NFL season so far the Tennessee Titans have retained the number one spot and pick for the draft. The Cleveland Browns have been vying for the top spot lately and are still up in the running. Both the

Johnny Manziel to Move up to Starting Quarterback?

There has been a lot of talking surrounding Johnny Manziel in the past couple of months. He was first in the media for a fight with his girlfriend on the side of the road. Manziel was on thin ice with his coach and team at that time. Weeks later he jeopardized his position as the starting quarterback for the Browns,

Johnny Manziel to Really Start for the Browns the Rest of the Season?

Just a week ago, the Cleveland Browns football organization made the decision to start quarterback, Johnny Manziel, for the remainder of the season. The announcement came when he came off a 372-yard passing performance in a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, November 15th. He played well and Coach Mike Pettine thought he deserved a chance at further