LeBron James Economic Return & New Scoreboard

LeBron James Economic Return & New Scoreboard
LeBron James Economic Return & New Scoreboard

Ever since Lebron James returned in 2014 to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the city has been reaping the benefits in many ways. He has returned to his home and arguably became an even bigger legend than he was before and some hope for him to lead his city to an NBA championship. There’s the possibility, but the real news here is the amount of money being brought into the city of Cleveland and new costs as well in the surrounding areas. While the stadium has also announced a new technologically advanced scoreboard for all fans and people in the arena.

Return of LeBron

Last year when LeBron James returned home to Cleveland, ticket prices were exceptionally expensive ranging from an average of $1,100 to $14,000 for their first opener game against the New York Knicks.  The 12,000 seats of the stadium were sold out by the next day after LeBron announced to Sports Illustrated that he was returning home. Some die-hard Cavs fans had to clean out their bank accounts or even get fast cash with a car title loan in order to afford the tickets.

The Cavaliers’ CEO Len Komoroski said that they did not raise ticket prices and they would keep the average ticket price the same they were before LeBron was back in action and playing for the team. He said “We have been very conscious to treat our fans with the same degree of respect and integrity as when we were in our rebuilding mode.”

LeBron Economics

As of late it looks like James can take the Cavaliers to where they need to be and win their first NBA title. This has made ticket sales go up and everything else in between rise too. This includes alcohol sales, T-shirts, and jerseys.

Around the area Bars have been hopping and had some of their best years as well since four years ago when LeBron was last playing with Cleveland. Bar owners have reported a mass scale of revenue since the prior season and are able to employ their staff longer without cutting them off until the summer.

Along with LeBron’s relatively new return there has also been some new additions to their stadium. One of these includes the scoreboard that is definitely going to excite fans and people going to the games.

Details of New Scoreboard

The new scoreboard measures a total of 5,500 square feet and comes equipped with LED technology. It comes with a new audio and visual update system and is part of the new upgrades to the Quicken Loans Arena.

ANC Sports Enterprises, a group that is well known and helped the Seattle Mariners acquire one of the largest and clear HD video displays in the MLB, helped this along.

This will enhance the game experience as the scoreboard has four large HD video screens that are tilted and situated so that it will provide an incredible viewing experience at all angles from the upper levels all the way down to the main floor. The sideline screens also are 31.50” high by 56.69”.

These new screens will provide a stellar new addition to the stadium with the addition of a fan favorite and team favorite from LeBron James.