Ohio State Loss to Michigan Means No Hope for A Title?

Ohio State Loss to Michigan Means No Hope for A Title?

Sports in general are an extremely popular part of the culture in the United States. Even college sports are broadcasted on national television. Football in particular can be a huge part of the college experience, especially if you attend a school with a great football team. The Big Ten Network features some of the best athletics, mainly from colleges in the Midwest. This year’s championship game will take place on December 5th, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ohio State University, home of the Buckeyes, might not get their opportunity to play for the title this year after an upsetting loss to Michigan State.

The game that might have cost them

The Big Ten Championship is a game where one team from the West division and one team from the East division play for the title. After Ohio State lost, with a score of 14-17, against Michigan State, they slipped into second place in the standings for the East division. They were on a winning streak, just like Michigan State, however Michigan State is ahead one win over the Buckeyes. Although many of the teams in the BTN are considered rivals, The Ten Year War was a famous era in which the Michigan vs. Ohio rivalry was beyond intense. From 1969 to 1978 the bitter rivalry was strong, and so even losing to Michigan State, decades later, was a big blow.

Did Ohio really lose their chance?

Some say there is a tiny speck of hope for Ohio State to narrowly beat out Michigan in the final Eastern standings and make it to the BTN championship. To do this, the team would have to beat the University of Michigan to close out their regular season, and the beat Iowa in a Big Ten Title game. This is all assuming that Michigan State loses to Penn State, which is highly unlikely, but could happen. The Buckeyes head coach, Urban Meyer, was not seen discussing playoffs after this first regular-season loss to another Big Ten team, which was a first in the coach’s four years at the university.

Disappointment by students, fans, and alumni

It was really disappointing for fans who stood by and watched their team get win after win, beginning with their first game in September. Fans of the Buckeyes were particularly upset by the fact that they lost by just 3 points, which is the amount of points a team can get by kicking a field goal. In the 2014 season, the Ohio Buckeyes made it to the BTN Championship to represent the Eastern division. They played against the Wisconsin Badgers, who were actually favored to win. The game ended up being a blowout, and Ohio State clenched the title, winning 59-0. With a win in 2014, fans were hoping that the team might pull out a back to back victory.


Although fans are upset by the loss, it only gives the team a chance to improve for next season. The team has been a powerhouse in football for the past couple of years, and they plan to keep it that way.