Will Manziel Get Another Chance with McCown Out For The Season?

Will Manziel Get Another Chance with McCown Out For The Season?

Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns was recently moved from starting quarterback to third string after personal information was made available to the public, causing embarrassment for the team. Josh McCown replaced Manziel as the starting quarterback for the team. However, during their game against the Ravens, earlier in the month, McCown suffered a broken collar bone. It was determined after medical examination that McCown would be out for rest of the season. What does this mean for the team moving forward, specifically Johnny Manziel?

Who will Pettine choose?

Coach Pettine has some tough decisions to make when it comes to choosing a new starting quarterback. Next in line for the spot is Austin Davis, who cost the Browns a timeout at the end of game against the Ravens because he slid instead of going out of bounds. This type of starting quarterback will not win games for the team, and so Pettine must decide if he wants to continue starting Davis, or if he should give Manziel another chance. Manziel needed to be benched in order to learn from his mistakes and gain a valuable lesson about his professional priorities. A video of Manziel drinking and partying on tables during the bye week was a cause for concern, a couple of weeks ago, which is why he lost his starting quarterback position. Manziel did show great promise in the beginning of the season, and starting in upcoming games would greatly help the team. Pettine must make a tough decision in choosing to win games or continue with punishment for Manziel’s actions.


Pettine not prepared to make a choice

During a public discussion of the game against the Ravens, coach Pettine gave no indication as to what he was going to do. The NFL media questioned if Davis or Manziel would replace McCown, but Pettine stated it was something that needed to be discussed further and the team needed to take the best course of action in moving forward. Pettine is always about doing what is best for the team, and he knows that many of the players were disappointed to learn of Manziel’s actions during the bye week.


Davis vs Manziel

Manziel has been great on the field, but not so great off the field. Has he learned from his personal mistakes, and grown into the quarterback the team needs him to be? Davis is undrafted and inexperienced, causing problems in the game against the Ravens. He did throw a game-tying touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. Will he step up if he needs to take the team forward? Fans seem to want Manziel back, as they chanted his name at the Ravens game when McCown got injured.


The Browns haven’t won many games this season, and Pettine is going to have to determine the best option for his team, especially since his coaching position depends on how his team does during the rest of the season. Manziel might get his final chance to show his coach, teammates, and fans that he can be the quarterback to win games, while displaying a professional personal life.